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Name:The Grimm and his Big Bad Wolf - A Monroe/Nick Com
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Welcome to [community profile] monroe_nick! This community focuses on the ship Monroe/Nick Burkhardt from the new NBC show Grimm.

Have fun!

1. Fanfic, fanart, fanmixes, meta, rec lists, fanvids, graphics, icons, wallpapers, etc. that revolve around the relationship of Monroe and Nick Burkhardt are welcome.
2. Please tag your entries by author/artist name, genre, and type (if fic, include word count.)
3. Place fic, large images, NSFW images, and multi-picture posts behind a cut (or link back to an entry).
4. Don't link to locked entries.
5. If you want to advertise something, please PM me first to ask for permission, otherwise I'll delete your post without notice.
6. No flaming, bashing, or making personal attacks. Be respectful.
7. Don't you dare to complain about the Papyrus.

posting guidelines
Use a header when posting. Here is a sample template:

Always make sure to include a rating and appropriate warnings in each post.

author tags
If you have posted three or more times to the community with fanworks, then comment on this entry with links to said works and a tag will be created for you. For those without author tags, simply use a tag with the first letter of your username.

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If you'd like to exchange links, send a message to [personal profile] platina and you'll be added asap.

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